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KIRA - Extremely cool!

With the KIRA range KONTRONIK has developed in-running motors equipped with all the features a modern motor requires.
Newest magnet material allows higher efficiency with comparable RPM. Only the best magnet material has been selected to operate a KIRA motor. The internal fan makes a KIRA motor the best partner for continuous power applications with long lasting LiPo batteries.

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tango gross

TANGO - A power house for a real experience!

In KONTRONIK TANGO motors the unique ferrous loss-free technology FLF has been realized.
The iron bell and the magnets rotate with the shaft. The non - changing magnetic field in the iron maintains noticably higher efficiency.

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KORA - Power packages in the fast lane!

In this case the outside lane is really the fast lane.
The KORAs are rotating can motors and real power packages. Convince
yourself. A real KONTRONIK motor made in Rottenburg, Germanyā€¯.
The integrated (air cooling) ventilation system ensures high efficiency, even during extended periods of use (in long duration applications).

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Kontronik Competition-Pyro web gr

PYRO - The new reference in 3D-flight!

The new PYRO is a real premium product. You only want the best?
You have come to the right place. The PYRO 30-12 is the ultimate motor
for all helicopter pilots, who know how 3D should look.

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