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News rund um KONTRONIK und Modellbau

Dear customers,

We are currently working on an alternative distribution system. We are already in negotiations and we are very confident to present our new distributor to you soon.

By this measure we want to underline, that the US market is very important for KONTRONIK. We want to get closer to our customers, increase service and availability.

In the meantime, the USA business is operated by our headquarter in Germany. For any questions, please contact us under:

Etzwiesenstraße 35/1
72108 Rottenburg-Hailfingen

Tel./Phone: +49 7457 9435-0
Mail: info(at)kontronik.com

As before, repairs are still processed in the USA:

- service-
PO Box 5
Oakville, IN 47367
Mail: repair.usa(at)kontronik.com

We keep you informed about the further development.

Elimination of BEC-initialization problems of JIVE Pro and KOSMIK;
live-cell therapy for KOBY

Requirements to ESCs are constantly increasing – by more powerful servos and motors, harder flying styles etc. For this reason, we gave a live-cell therapy to our ESCs.
Our KOBY is now equipped with more powerful MOSFETs, ELKOs, capacitors and gate resistors.
By optimizing our hardware in our JIVE Pro- and KOMSIK-ESCs we fixed problems of BEC initialization that could have occurred in newer configurations. All new

SOBEK Drives: our new ESCs KONTROL-X

As a perfect match to our SPIDER-X motors we present our KONTROL-X-ESCs. To harness the power of the SPIDER-X motors, SOBEK Drives has developed the KONTROL-X series ESCs. They have been designed for the rigors of extended multirotor flight in all environments. The KONTROL-X Series ESCs offer many features that will benefit the multirotor operator including communication ports and an active freewheeling circuit. The KONTROL-X Series includes the KONTROL-X 30 LV, the KONTROL-X 40 LV and the KONTROL-X 55 LV.  Read more

Updates available

The new software release 4.8 for KOSMIK ESCs and 1.8 for JIVE Pro ESCs are available now for download. These releases support the functionality of the TelMe-Futaba.

TelMe Futaba

TelMe-Futaba is ready! We say too - at last!. Development time and effort has been much more than expected. Read more.

K-Prog and K-View: Updates available

The new Apps for Android are available in the Google Play-Store Store now. They work with the latest updates of KOSMIK 4.6 and JIVE Pro 1.6 and offers new functions.

With the K-Prog App the new tab - alarm allows to set the alarm values for TelME . The K-View shows the reached data and where the alarm values are overspend.

New motor RPMs available

The PYRO 800-60 (L) (Competition)  is available now. In combination with higher gear ratio it converts its higher RPM in more power. More data here.

The SPIDER-X 15-42 and SPIDER X 15-50 enlarges the family with a lower RPM type. With 420 kv and 500 kv even bigger propellers can be handled now. More data here.

Outstanding success at IRCHA Speedcup

Oliver Jellen won this year's IRCHA Speedcup with 284,87 km/h (177,01 mi/h). Read more in the News.

Updates available

The new software version 4.6 for KOSMIK ESCs, the new Version 1.6 for JIVE Pro ESCs and the corresponding new K-Konfig PC program is available in Download area.

Complete Success on World Championships F3CN

The World Championships 2015 F3CN are finished with huge success for KONTRONIK and the German Team. Read more in the News.

We revise our website -

We're currently working on the facelift of our website, also in order toKON1 web provide our customers and interested parties of our industrial sector with more information about our specific industrial products.