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News rund um KONTRONIK und Modellbau

Complete Success on World Championships F3NC

The World Championships 2015 F3CN are finished with huge success for KONTRONIK and the German Team.

Read more in the News.

Worlds first KONTRONIK Gold Edition donated to Tareq Alsaadi

The first CoolKOSMIK Gold Edition was given to Tareq Alsaadi. Read more in the News.

Outstanding succes at Pöting Speed Cup - 307 km/h was reached

At Pöting Speed Cup 2015 Robert Sixt could win places 1 and 2. Read more under News.

Enlarged  Support Time of Service Center starrting 1th July 2015


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13.00 - 17.00

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09.00 - 12.00


Logging on Micro SD-Cards-

In rare situations it seemed that some SD-Cards had problems when Log-files have been written from our KOSMIK ESCs. Therefore we had released a modificated software version which have been tested with the SD-Cards we are delivering together with the KOSMIK ESCs. If there are still not readable Log-files on your SD-Card we kindly ask you to contact us.

KOSMIK 160 - SW 4.5.1

KOSMIK 200 - SW 4.5.1


We revise our website -

We're currently working on the facelift of our website, also in order toKON1 web provide our customers and interested parties of our industrial sector with more information about our specific industrial products.