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JIVE Pro 120+ HV
JIVE Pro 120+ HV black
JIVE Pro 80+ HV


Available in both 80 A and 120 A versions, the JIVE Pro offers programming for all types of models including airplanes, helicopters, boats and RC cars.


The BEC of the JIVE Pro can provide power to servos running up to 8 V and up to 12 S batteries. Because of the new, integrated module port all KONTRONIK modules (e.g. bluetooth module, TelMe module) can be used with a Jive Pro.


The JIVE Pro is equipped with a new chipset, which provides a greater sensitivity to power demands and removes any noticeable head speed variability.


For scale helicopter pilots, imagine being able to spool up to takeoff head speed over a full minute. Creating a new world of opportunity for scale pilots, the JIVE Pro will allow you to program your startup rate to a full 60 seconds.


As the JIVE Pro will provide all helicopter features, the JIVE Pro is a "marriage" of HELI JIVE and POWERJIVE.


Of course the JIVE Pro ESCs includes an integrated anti spark function and is updateable online.