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SPIDER-X 15-78
SPIDER-X 15-69
SPIDER-X 15-61
SPIDER-X 15-50
SPIDER-X 15-42


The SPIDER X 15 is the smaller of the SPIDER X engines. With 300 W continuous power, he is ideally suited for use in medium multicopters, with light payload.


Due to the different speed variants you are able to find the right SPIDER-X engine for the projected application. The design of the engines is matched to the use in multicopters. Its newly developed fan and its innovative inner structure design leaving the SPIDER-X remain cool even when it has hard work to do. The SPIDER-X motors have been designed for high performance in low RPM applications.


The Spider-X is available in two different mounting options, "S" for normal shaft mounting and "B" for backplate mounting with a threaded shaft.

The SPIDER-X 15 in short:

  • Neodym magnets, heat resistent up to 150 degree C
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Optimized metal sheets
  • Optimized ventilation for low RPM
  • Radial fan
  • Optimized magnetic circuit