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PYRO 800

Already its size makes the PYRO 800 impressive: an outside diameter of 63 mm and a shaft diameter of 8 mm suggest the enormous power of this KONTRONIK motor.

The PYRO 800 convinces with a sophisticated design, bigger bearings and a screw-fixed motor can.

This allows power transition of more than 5 kW continuous power.

The PYRO 800 fits perfect for the big helicopters of the 770 / 800 class, and also for Scale and 3D helicopters.



The PYRO-800 in short:

  • Neodym magnets, heat resistent up to 150 degree C
  • Dedicated enameled wire, heat resistent up to 300 degree C
  • Optimized metal sheets
  • Optimized ventilation
  • Radial fan
  • Optimized magnet circuit