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KONDOR 15-110
KONDOR 15-92
KONDOR 15-79
KONDOR 15-69


KONDOR: The new engine series from KONTRONIK. The KONDOR is an external rotor motor for surface flight.


The KONDOR is currently available in a total of 16 variants. For the KONDOR 15, KONDOR 25, KONDOR-XL 20 and KONDOR-XL 30 there are 4 different kv variants each.


Included in delivery and price is already a high quality set consisting of propeller driver with mounting cross. This makes it easy to convert the KONDOR even for the back frame assembly.

The KONDOR in short:


  • High temperature resistant neodymium magnets heat resistant up to 150 °C
  • Single-wire winding with high-temperature-resistant wire for particularly good ventilation, heat dissipation and more power
  • extremely stable and durable ball bearings
  • case-hardened shaft
  • corrosion-resistant coating of the rotor


Technical specifications:


  • compact and robust design (up to 50 mm in diameter, up to 61 mm in length)
  • shaft diameter 5 mm (KONDOR) or 6 mm (KONDOR-XL) with free wavelength 18 mm
  • air screw driver for 8 mm (KONDOR) or 10 mm (KONDOR-XL) bore diameter
  • weight 150-398 g (without accessories)
  • 14 poles