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KIRA 500-58
KIRA 500-30
KIRA 500-36
KIRA 500-26

KIRA 500

The KIRA 500 motors are brushless in-running motors which are perfectly adapted on sailplanes, RC cars and speed boat drives.

High motor RPMs together with the internal fan keep the KIRA motor cool and the gear box brings high torque in comparison to low weight.

The slim size fits in nearly all fuselages and the over-all effeciency due to bigger propellers allows incredible flight performance.

For each motor size various fine tuned RPM types are available. Due to the wide usage range only one gear ratio per size is necessary. That means more convenience to find your perfect motor.

For applications needing up to 750 W continous current.

Applicable for sailplanes up to 6 kg, sport planes up to 2.5 kg and acrobatic planes up to 3 kg.