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KPG 25 gear box
KPG 27 gear box

Gear box

KONTRONIK DRIVES offers KPG25 and KPG27 mounted on KIRA motors. 

The KPG25 can also be mounted on all motors with a 3.17 mm shaft using an adaptation flange.

The gears are delivered with a motor pinion, which has to be glued on the shaft using a Loctite adhesive (e.g. Loctite 648). The bonding can be removed with heat, e.g. for changing the gear ratio.

Only the gear ratio 6.7:1 is not delivered with a motor pinion due to a geared shaft which cannot be changed or upgraded.



Of course the needle-mounted planets are included in delivery and the gear box is already lubricated.

The fitting adaptation flange must be ordered separately, when changing a direct drive to a geared one.