KONDOR - KONTRONIKS new Power Parade 



The makers of the magazine have tested our new motor series to the letter. From the hardware, through production to the performance check of the individual variants. Many valuable information about us and our engines can be found in the issue 2/2019 of the MFI Magazin.

KONTRONIK - Small, light, strong


Our two managing directors Jens Klinck and Alexander Herm in an interview with the magazine  FlugModell issue 02/19.

All-in-one: New motors and speed controllers from KONTRONIK


The trade journal of the German Model Aviation Association "modellflieger" looks at our two new combination products, the KOLIBRI controller series and the matching KONDOR motor series. Read more in issue 01/2019.

Black Devil: Diabolo 700 with motor and ECU of KONTRONIK in test


Presentation of the Diabolo 700 Black Edition of minicopter, equipped with a powertrain of KONTRONIK - PYRO 800-48 in conjunction with the COOL KOSMIK 200 HV.  How is his performance? Read the test results in the issue ROTOR 02/2019.

New standard: The new KONTRONIK COOL KOSMIK 250 HV


The issue 03/2019 of the ROTOR magazine contains a detailed report about our new flagship, the COOL KOSMIK 250 HV. The article comes up with many technical details, programming information and interesting measurement data.

RYAN STA electrified: From the combustion engine to the electric drive


Wolfgang  Mache dares the step and equips his 3m Ryan on electric drive. He describes in his article how the conversion was done by using our KSG with PYRO engine and COOL KOSMIK 200 HV control. Read in issue 03/2019 modellflug INTERNATIONAL.