KONTRONIK *Quick Tipps*


The multiple world champion in F3N, Eric Weber shows you how to connect the Bluetooth module with an iOS / Apple device.

More power fo the MXS 

The best-known 3D Bros show you how easy the KOLIBRI controller can be set to a motor model. Among other things, they also present our new motor series for planes, the KONDOR engines. Not only that, they share their own and honest opinion on how beautifully the KONDOR harmonises with the KOLIBRI ECU.

KONTRONIK Hughes 500


In this video we present our Hughes 500 from Helicenter Berlin. This model is equipped with a JR Forza 700 mechanics. We use a COOL KOSMIK 200 HV as a drive together with a PYRO 750-45 competition motor.



The KOLIBRI 140 LV, suitable for all popular 570s helicopters. Here we demonstrate how powerful and dynamic the KOLIBRI works in the Heli area. The pilots are Eric Weber, Marcel Döring and Heiko Fischer.

Unboxing & Programming KONTRONIK – KOLIBRI 140 LV


Unboxing and first configuration of the KOLIBRI 140 LV in a helicopter by our team and top F3N pilot Dominik Oberhauser, from Austria.



Here you can see how well the KOLIBRI 140 LV in a 570er Heli regulates. The GOBLIN 570 from SAB is flown by our team pilot Marcel Döring.

First Flight with KONTRONIK KOLIBRI 140 LV


Dominik Oberhauser, our team pilot from Austria, shows us the first flight of his KOLIBRI 140 LV. Very few steps are needed until the helicopter can be flown. 

KSG in the acrobatic plane!


Our team pilot Maurice Lumm shows what's in the KSG! The model has a span of 2.6 meters and is operated on the 14S with the KONTRONIK helical gearbox, the PYRO 850-50L and a COOL KOSMIK 200 HV.



Our team pilot Dave Dijkmans from Spain present the KONTRONIK design on his Goblin Black Thunder.