16 March 2020 KOLIBRI 60 LV-I / KOLIBRI 90 LV-I / KOLIBRI 140 LV-I – new software available!

We at KONTRONIK are constantly working on improving our products in order to offer our pilots the best possible equipment for their performance!

The new software version V1.4 for our KOLIBRI LV-I series is now available for download. It contains the following improvements:

Until now, the KOLIBRI LV-I controllers have output a voltage of 9V until initialisation. This is no problem for all receivers and FBL systems known to us. However, if pilots still use 6V servos, we have found that in the worst case they could be damaged. 

With version V1.4 we have now programmed our software in such a way that the KOLIBRI LV-I controllers no longer start with a voltage peak, but also enter the BEC voltage regulation before initialisation. The BEC voltage set by the user is thus output by the KOLIBRI LV-I controller throughout, even before initialisation.

This means that the minimum BEC voltage now also corresponds to the voltage that actually occurred in flight.

With this software update there are a few special features to consider, therefore the update procedure should be carried out as described below: Attention: In steps 1, 3 and 5 please make sure that the battery voltage is available without interruption, otherwise the bootloader may be damaged and the controller has to be sent to KONTRONIK!

1. Update the firmware, as usual with ProgUNIT or ProgDISC. Setting the parameters is only possible with the ProgUNIT.

2. After the update is complete, disconnect the drive battery and reconnect it.

3. Program mode 1.

4. Disconnect and reconnect the drive battery. Wait until the controller initializes.

5. Press and hold the button until the controller beeps (this can take several seconds). The bootloader update beep is different from the mode programming beep, so it is clearly visible. 

6. disconnect and reconnect the drive battery, the controller initializes and is now ready for custom settings.



The new software is now available for download at

13 March 2020 New products in the KOLIBRI-series

The product highlights at KOLIBRI 140 HV-I & 90 HV-I:

  • integrated telemetry function
  • telemetry protocols for Futaba, Jeti, Multiplex, Mikado and Graupner
  • reliable high and stable performance
  • reliable protection functions. As always at KONTRONIK
  • ideal control behaviour – the software is based on that of the premium controller KOSMIK 
  • established soft start up
  • diverse mode programming 
  • high-performance BEC up to 10A Continuous current and 
  • 30A Peak current
  • Bluetooth-capable and online updateable


The techincal data of the KOLIBRI HV-I series at a glance:





Order number




6-12 S / 25-50V

6-12 S / 25-50V

Continuous current



BEC-current (duration / peak)

10A / 30A

10A / 30A


without cable

with cable







dimension  LxWxH

93 x 46 x 32,2 mm

90 x 30,5 x 19 mm

Price (inkl. VAT)






13 March 2020 Brand new in the program: Two superheroes of the KOSMIK series!


Superheroes are the KONTRONIK controllers, which are even more powerful with the integrated telemetry function! From now on you can recognize our controllers with telemetry by the abbreviation „HV-I“. So our new KOSMIK 210 HV-I and KOSMIK 170 HV-I.


These will complement the KOSMIK product range from May 2020. Our new additions in detail:


  • 210A, 170A respectively continuous current
  • Powerful BEC with 10A continuous current and 30A peak current
  • Telemetry protocols for Futaba, Jeti, Multiplex, Mikado und Graupner
  • Lightweight: superstrong, even without heat sink

The technical data of the KOSMIK HV-I series at a glance:








Order number







5-14 S 


5-14 S 


5-14 S 


5-14 S 


5-14 S 


Continuous current






BEC-current (duration / peak)

10A / 30A

10A / 30A

10A / 30A

10A / 30A

10A / 30A


without cable

with cable
















dimension  LxWxH

109,2 x 53,2 x 28,6 mm

109,2 x 53,2 x 28,6 mm

109,2 x 53,2 x 38,6 mm

109,2 x 53,2 x 37,6mm

109,2 x 102,5

x 44,6mm

Price (incl. VAT.)






6 August 2019 - PYRO 850-24 P BM Competition


The already existing PYRO 850-24 P BM is now also available in the Competition version. A hand-wound winding with an even thicker copper cross section offers even more power and efficiency at high currents. All other technical data can be found in the table below or on our homepage. Of course, an individual engraving is also possible with this Competition version.



PYRO 850-24 P BM Competiton

Product number


Free shaft length

54,6 mm

Shaft diameter

8 / 10 mm

Thread on the shaft


kv / poles

240 rpm/V / 14

Diameter / Length

63 mm / 61 mm


605 g

Price (incl. VAT)

619,90 € / $ 699,90

6 August 2019 - Cooling fan KOLIBRI 140 – now also optionally available as spare part


From now on the cooling fan, which is already delivered pre-assembled on the KOLIBRI 140 LV, is also available as a spare part separately.



Cooling fan KOLIBRI 140 LV

Product number


Price (incl. VAT)

15,90€ / $19,90


6 August 2019 - The new SPIDER-SL 08-33



We are expanding our motor portfolio for UAV applications.

Especially for use in UAV applications, we present a new motor. The SPIDER-SL 08-33. The new motor is a disc motor, which has the advantage of light weight and high power.




Product number




Operating voltage

10-60 V

internal resistance

0,108 Ohm

kv / poles

330 rpm/V /
14 poles

Diameter / Length

58,8 mm / 26 mm



Price (incl. VAT)

169,90 € / $ 189,90

30 July 2019 - COOL KOSMIK 250/300 HV software update


In the new software version 1.2 for the COOL KOSMIK 250/300 HV, we have adjusted the motor current warning for the Graupner telemetry.


Update KOSMIK 250/300 - Version 1.2 

25. January 2019 - The DuoCOOL KOSMIK 300 HV and the WaterCOOL KOSMIK 300 HV

Based on the COOL KOSMIK 250 HV, we have developed two variants with special cooling concepts. Thanks to these cooling concepts, these regulators crack the 300 A limit with ease.


The DuoCOOL KOSMIK 300 HV has a larger heat sink on which two fans can be mounted. Thus, this controller is best suited for e.g. Scale applications or bigger planes.


The WaterCOOL KOSMIK 300 HV has a built-in water cooling system. The cooling water runs through the integrated cooling plate. Inlet and outlet have an outer diameter of 5.5 mm. This makes the controller very well suited for applications in boats.

The improved heat dissipation enables our ECUs to reach the 300 A level. Both controllers are supplied in the power class with 10 mm² cables. Of course, these regulators also show the familiar characteristics of the COOL KOSMIK 250 HV:


  • Powerful BEC with BEC 10 A continuous current and 30 A peak current
  • Voltage 5-14 S / 20-59 V
  • Integrated telemetry for Futaba, Jeti, Multiplex, Mikado and Graupner
  • Perfect speed control
  • Dimensions and weight





Article no.




5-14 S / 20-59 V

5-14 S / 20-59 V

current (continous / peak)

300 A / 640 A

300 A / 640 A

BEC-current (continous / peak)

10 A / 30 A

10 A / 30 A

Weight without cables

410 g

300 g


109,2x102,5x44,6 mm

109,2x53,2x37,6 mm

Connection of water cooling


Connection nipple M6
Thread M6 x 3,5 mm
Water conncetion 4 mm
Hose connection 5,5 mm

Price (incl. VAT.)

859,90€ / $1069.90

859,90€ / $1069.90



25 January 2019 - The KOLIBRI-X 60 LV and the KOLIBRI-X 90 LV

We are expanding our controller portfolio for UAV applications. The KOLIBRI-X 60 LV and the KOLIBRI-X 90 LV complement the KONTROL-X series, which covers the power range from 30 A to 55 A.


The KOLIBRI-X ECUs are based, as the name says, on the new KOLIBRI LV. The software is specially designed to meet the needs of UAV applications and allows the programming of 4 modes: DJI-GPS, other GPS systems, forward / reverse and reverse rotation.


The KOLIBRI-X controllers allow the delivery of the most important telemetry data to receivers of Futaba, Jeti, Multiplex, Mikado and Graupner.


The KOLIBRI-X 60 LV and the KOLIBRI-X 90 LV will be available from the end of February. Pre-orders can  already be placed.




Article no.



2-6 S / 6-25 V

Current (continous / peak)

60 A / 200 A

Weight with cables

71 g


70x16x30 mm

Price (incl. VAT)

159,90 € / $189.90




Article no.



2-6 S / 6-25 V

Current (continous / peak)

90 A / 400 A

Weight with cables

110 g


70x19x30 mm

Price (incl. VAT)

189,90 € / $226.90


10 December 2018 - Software-Update for JIVE Pro (Version 1.14), KOLIBRI LV (Version 1.1) and KOSMIK (Version 4.14)

Software-Update for JIVE Pro (Version 1.14)
Please find on our website under Downloads a new software version for JIVE Pro with the following features:

  • Mode 7 (Reverse rotation) has been added
  • JETI protocol has been adapted (now also compatible with R-EX, REX and REX -Assist receivers)
  • Futaba Protocol adapted (now also compatible with Futaba CGY760R)
  • KONTRONIK protocol changed: CRC-Check adjusted

Software-Update for KOLIBRI LV (Version 1.1)
Please find on our website under Downloads a new software version for KOLIBRI LV with the following features:

  • Capacity measurement optimized
  • Bailout optimized
  • Over current detection optimized
  • Modus 7 (reverse rotation) added
  • JETI protocol optimized (now also compatible with R-EX, REX and REX -Assist Receiver)
  • KONTRONIK protocol changed: CRC-Check

Software-Update for KOSMIK (Version 4.14)

  • There is also a software update for our KOSMIK ESC:
  • Capacity measurement optimized
  • Modus 7 (reverse rotation) added
  • JETI protocol optimized (now also compatible with R-EX, REX and REX -Assist Receiver)
  • KONTRONIK protocoll changed: CRC-Check
  • Futaba protocol optimized (now also compatible with Futaba CGY760R)

10 December 2018 - The PYRO 800-68 Competition: new version with 680 kv

We added another version to our PYRO 800 Competition series. The PRYO 800-68 Competition has 680 kv and provides 6.5 kW on the 8mm shaft. Individual engraving of the motor is also possible of course. Part no. 027507C



10 December 2018 - Extension of the KONDOR series: the KONDOR XL30-54

We add a new version to our KONDOR series. The KONDOR XL 30-54 has 540 kv and provides 1.3 kW. Part no. 028808.



10 December 2018 - Extension of the SPIDER-X series: The SPIDER-XL 20-34

And also the SPIDER-X series grows. A new version with 340 kv, available as B-version (part no. 07520), with LSM 4 (part no. 075201), LSM 6 CW (left-hand thread, part no. 075202) und LSM 6 CCW (right-hand thread, part no. 075203).



27 August 2018 - The COOL KOSMIK 250 HV: the new KONTRONIK flagship

With the same seize and weight as the COOL KOSMIK 200 HV, our new COOL KOSMIK 250 HV provides even more power

- 250 A continuous current and up to 640 A peak current!


Of course, there is a strong BEC on board with 10 A continuous current and up to 30 A peak current as well.


With improvements in hardware and software, we further optimized the well-established governor characteristics of the KOSMIK-series.Telemetry integrated: As a further highlight, we integrated the telemetry functions. So the COOL KOSMIK 250 HV provides telemetric data for Futaba, Multiplex, Graupner, Mikado and Jeti without an additional TelMe module.


Of course, it is also prepared for Bluetooth communication and online updates.


Technical data:





part no.



5-14 S / 20-59 V

current (cont. / peak)

250 A / 640 A

BEC current (cont. / peak)

10 A / 30 A

weight (without cables)

250 g


109,2 x 53,2 x 38,6 mm

price (incl. VAT)

799€ / $998


The COOL KOSMIK 250 HV is available from November 2018. Pre-orders are possible from now on.



27 April 2018 - Our new motor series: KONDOR

As from July 2018 our new motor series will be available: the KONDOR. The KONDOR motors will be available in 16 versions:




  • 600 Watt continuous power
  • up to 20.000 RPM
  • Ca. 150 g
  • Ø 40 mm, lenght 43 mm
  • 4 kv variants


  • 800 Watt continuous power
  • up to 20.000 RPM
  • Ca. 217 g
  • Ø 40 mm, lenght 53 mm
  • 4 kv variants


  • 1.000 Watt continuous power
  • Bis 20.000 RPM
  • Ca. 290 g
  • Ø 40 mm, lenght 51 mm
  • 4 kv variants


  • 1.300 Watt continuous power
  • Bis 20.000 RPM
  • Ca. 395 g
  • Ø 40 mm, lenght 61 mm
  • 4 kv variants

The KONDOR motors are powerful outrunner motors. They perfectly fit for airplanes, but can also be used with helicopters, cars and boats. Some of the most important features are:


  • Very good power-to-weight ratio
  • special neodym magnets, heat resistent up to 150 °C
  • single strand wiring ensuring optimal cooling and performance
  • solid and long lasting ball bearings
  • special hardened shaft
  • corrosion resistant coating of the rotor



A high quality set of motor flange and propeller fixture is already included in the package and the price. So you can easily change the motor to a backmount version.



The KONDOR motors and KOLIBRI LV ESC build a perfect team:

KONDOR 15 / 25






At the same time we hereby officially terminate the Tango engines.

12. April 2018 - UPDATE: KONTRONIK protocol for telemetry

Version 1.13 / 4.13 fixes a bug:

Graupner HoTT Telemetry - Capacity limit warning with Bluetooth module plugged in.

These updates are now available under "Download" on our homepage.

5. April 2018 - KONTRONIK protocol for telemetry

From now on the software release 4.12 for the KOSMIK and 1.12 for the JIVE Pro is ready for download.


With this release, the KONTRONIK protocol for telemetry is now available. It can be used in combination with the telemetry cable JR. The specification of the protocol can be found under “Downloads” as well.


The two software versions add two additional parameters to the TelMe module JETI: timing and throttle. In addition, bugs of the previous version are eliminated. At the TelMe-module for Graupner, the capacity alarm is from now on only active as long as the motor is rotating. In addition, instead of the set maximum values, the actually reached maximum values for current and ESC-temperature are now displayed.


These updates are now available under “Download” on our homepage.

10. March 2018 - The new KOLIBRI LV

Our new KOLIBRI series is available from April 2018 on!

We offer three versions: KOLIBRI 60 LV, KOLIBRI 90 LV and KOLIBRI 140 LV.

All versions have a high and stable performance. The KOLIBRI also provides the well-known safety functions of KONTRONIK products. As the software is based on our premium ESC KOSMIK, the KOLIBRI provides an optimal governor for your flight. It also features the well-known soft start-up and the flexible modus programming of the premium segment.

In addition, all versions have a very strong BEC with up to 9 V and 10 A continuous current.

As a further highlight, we integrated the telemetry functions. So the KOLIBRI provides telemetric data for Futaba, 
 Multiplex, Graupner, Mikado and Jeti without an additional TelMe module.

Of course, all versions are prepared for Bluetooth communication and online updates.










2-6 S


60 A


9 V, 10 A


71 g


70x18x30 mm











2-6 S


90 A


9 V, 10 A


110 g


70x19x30 mm












2-6 S


140 A


9 V, 10 A


160 g


77x23x36 mm





26 January 2018 - New PYRO motors

With several new motors we enlarge our PYRO-series:

The PYRO 650-53 and 650-53 L: 530 kv for the 650 class. With two different shaft lengths (23.5 mm and 40 mm free shaft length). Order no. 27317 (650-53) and 27318 (650-53 L).


The PYRO 750-41 P BM: the well known 750-41 as backmount version. Order no. 277076.

The PYRO 750-45 S and 750-45 S Competition: with very short shaft (20 mm free shaft length), e.g. for the Henseleit TDF. Order no. 277086 (750-45 S) and 277086C (750-45 S Competition).

The PYRO 850-24 L Competition: 240 kv for the 850 class in a competition version with handwinding and outstandingly low inner resistance. Order no. 276161C.

All motors are available from now on.

26. January 2018 - Our new team manager Europe: Heiko Fischer

We proudly introduce our new team manager for Europe: Heiko Fischer. Heiko is deeply rooted in the RC scene for many years and well known from various events as a pilot or exhibitor.


Since 2017 he is also responsible for technical support at KONTRONIK. As our team manager, he is the contact person for our pilots and those, who want to become our pilots.

26 January 2018 - Dry Fluid


DryFluid Extreme Gear Lube has been specifically designed for heavy-duty model-building gearboxes. It is not a fat, not oiling and free of silicones and therefore it is more a lubricant.


Through the use of dry particles, sliding polymers and extremely adherent high-end lubricants it has extraordinary lubricating properties. Further characteristics are its extreme pressure resistance, excellent adhesion and its low tendency to dust and dirt binding.

The long-term effect will inspire every model maker.



26 January 2018 - New sales concept in the USA

We have optimized our sales concept for the USA. Most important pillar is Tim DiPeri. He is our team manager in the USA already and now our Business Development Manager North America as well. This means he is the contact person for our retailer, end customer and pilots. Furthermore, he is in charge of acquiring new retailers and extend our sales network.


As a second pillar we launched a consignation stock in the USA. So many orders can be shipped directly from the USA which leads to a much faster reaction time. Finally, we decrease our dollar prices by 9% in average. This is possible due to an optimized logistic and cost structure as well as to the development of the dollar-euro-relation. The change will be effective from February 2018. From February onwards you can find the new price list here.

26 January 2018 - And what about the new ESCs…?

In 2017 we announced the KOLIBRI series for summer / autumn 2017. But during our tests and validations we found some details, that we wanted to optimize before going to market. Despite the announcement, it is most important for us to provide a carefully tested product that meets our own expectations – even if it takes longer than planned. We are now again testing and validating the ESCs and therefore we do not yet want to make any new announcement. But please be sure, that we are working on it with high pressure!


In addition, in December 2017 there was shown a COOL KOSMIK 220 UHV for a short time on our homepage. It is true that we are working on a 16S controller. At the moment we are still in the development and testing phase. Our marketing has inadvertently put a prepared "dummy page" online. It's too early to name details about final performance, features, launch and price. Please be patient and stay curious.

5 December 2017 - Info about the COOL KOSMIK

The last week a "COOL KOSMIK 220 UHV" was shown on our website. It is true that we are working on a 16S controller. At the moment we are still in the development and testing phase. Our marketing has inadvertently put a prepared "dummy page" online. It's too early to name details about final performance, features, launch and price. Please be patient and stay curious.

22 August 2017 - The new PYRO 900



As from October 2017 the new PYRO 900 will close the gap between the 850- and 1000-series. The PYRO 900 also provides an outstanding weight to power ratio: up to 7,5 kW with only 685 grams, 63 mm diameter and 68 mm length. With this motor, every heli of the 700 class or higher can be driven with terrific power.

The PYRO 900 is available in three versions:



Motoren - motors 

PYRO 900-39 L PYRO 900-45 L PYRO 900-52 L
U/min/V - RPM/V 390 450 520
Wellendurchmesser - shaft diameter [mm] 8 8 8
freie Wellenlänge - free shaft length [mm] 55 55 55
Gewicht - weight [g] 685 685 685
Dauerleistung - continuous power [kW] 6,5 7 7,5
max. Drehzahl 1/min - max. RPM/min 30.000 30.000 30.000
Polzahl - poles 14 14 14
Windungen - windings 8 7 6
Außendurchmesser Motor - outside diameter [mm] 63 63 63
Länge Motor - motor length [mm] 68 68 68
Bestellnummer -  order number 0279081 0279071 0279061
Verkaufspreis brutto - price with VAT 489,90 € 489,90 € 489,90 €
Verkaufspreis Dollar - price Dollar 589,90 $ 589,90 $ 589,90 $

22 August 2017 - For even more Fun: special PYRO-motors for the new Henseleit TDFun

The launch of the new Henseleit TDFun is coming closer. Especially for this helicopter we provide the perfect motor: as from end of September the following versions with special shaft, perfectly fitting size and power are available:


Motoren - motors  PYRO 650-65 S PYRO 650-78 S PYRO 700-45 S PYRO 700-52 S
U/min/V - RPM/V 650 780 450 520
Wellendurchmesser - shaft diameter [mm] 6 6 6 6
freie Wellenlänge - free shaft length [mm] 20 20 20 20
Gewicht - weight [g] 295 295 390 390
Dauerleistung - continuous power [kW] 3 3 2,5 3
max. Drehzahl 1/min - max. RPM/min 30.000 30.000 30.000 30.000
Polzahl - poles 10 10 10 10
Windungen - windings 13 11 13 11
Außendurchmesser Motor - outside diameter [mm] 50,8 50,8 50,8 50,8
Länge Motor - motor length [mm] 51,5 51,5 61,5 61,5
Bestellnummer -  order number 0273134 0273114 0274144 0274124
Verkaufspreis brutto - price with VAT 284,90 € 284,90 € 299,90 € 299,90 €

Verkaufspreis Dollar - price Dollar


355,90$ 355,90$ 374,90$ 374,90$


Of course, every version will also be available as a Competition motor – with well-known extra power, lower inner resistance and individual engraving.

Henseleit recommends to run the TDF with these motors in combination with the KONTRONIK JIVE Pro 120+ HV or the KOSMIK 160 HV.

22 August 2017 - New motor versions: the PYRO 1000-34L and the MINIPYRO 400-15 with KPG 27 4,2:1

We enlarge our motor portfolio. As from September 2017 the PYRO 1000-34L with 340 kv is available.


As from October 2017 the MINIPYRO motor series will be enlarged by a version with 4,2:1 gear. As known from the existing versions, the shaft and the pinion are produced as one piece, and not glued together. So that loosing pinions are a thing of the past.

22 August 2017 - The JIVE Pro 120+HV black



From now on the JIVE Pro 120+HV is also available in black color. There are no differences to the red JIVE Pro concerning power, size and price. But the black version perfectly fits into black helicopters and to the KONTRONIK competition motors.

22 August 2017 - The KONTROL-X with internal 5V power supply

As from September 2017 the KONTROL-X series is available with improved hardware and software. The most important change is that the ESCs now come along with internal 5V power supply. The price remains the same as before.

22 August 2017 - New velcro lock straps with KONTRONIK logo



We offer velcro lock straps with KONTRONIK logo as from September 2017. The skip-proof gumming ensures perfect grip of the batterie even in extreme situations. One package includes 4 velcro lock straps with 330 mm length and costs 9,9 0€ (incl. VAT) resp. 11,90 $ (order no 9716).




22 August 2017 - New 8 mm gold connectors

As an addition to our product range of connectors, we now offer also 8 mm gold connectors. We recommend them for applications with high current, e.g. in combination with the PYRO 900 or 1000. These connectors reduce losses of electric power due to contact resistance and improve the efficiency of the drive.


The 8 mm gold connectors are available in two package sizes: with 5 pairs (incl. shrinking hoses, order no. 9052) for 14,90 € (incl. VAT) resp. 18,90 $ or with 10 pairs (incl. shrinking hoses, order no 9053) for 28,90 € (incl. VAT) or 36,90 $.

22 August 2017 - Our new team manager USA: Tim Diperi

We are proud to introduce our new team manager USA: Tim Diperi. Tim has over 40 years of RC experience, took part in countless competitions and is related to KONTRONIK for years now. As team manager, he is our contact person for all kinds of questions and for all our pilots.


We sincerely thank Richard Zappe who can no longer act as our team manager due to lack of time. Thank you, Richard, for all your support!

9 March 2017 - Preview: KOLIBRI – the new LV-ESC by KONTRONIK

In autumn 2017 KONTRONIK we are planning to launch our new LV-ESC: the KOLIBRI.

The KOLIBRI will be available in 3 versions (first drafts):


with 60A continuous current

with 90A continuous current

with 120A continuous current


All versions are designed for 2-6S and have a powerful BEC with 5-9V and up to 10A continuous

Further features are:

·         Software is based on the premium-ESC KOSMIK

·         soft startup and perfect control like in the premium segment

·         variable application with easy modus programming

·         available TelME’s are already integrated – no further hardware is necessary

·         1 resp. 2 (version 120LV) telemetry interfaces

·         bluetooth-capable

·         update-capable


Last tests and preparations are still in progress so that we plan to launch the KOLIBRI in autumn 2017. Prices and final technical details will be announced then. Stay curious!

9 March 2017 - Our new merchandising products

At the beginning of this year we had a relaunch of the KONTRONIK brand. Now our new merchandising products like Shirts, Jackets etc. are available:




The KONTRONIK Polo shirt

  • 100% cotton
  • classic cut
  • Ring-spun cotton    
  • Slim fit stretch polo    
  • Flat-knit collar with elastane for better stability    
  • Fine micro piqué material    
  • Button strip with three color matching buttons  
  • Neck band

Price 19,90 € (incl. VAT)

Order no. 9830 Gr. S
Order no. 9831 Gr. M
Order no. 9832 Gr. L
Order no. 9833 Gr. XL
Order no. 9834 Gr. XXL
Order no. 98341 Gr. XXXL 

Price 29,90 € (incl. VAT)

Order no 9841 Gr. S
Order no 9842 Gr. M
Order no 9843 Gr. L
Order no 9844 Gr. XL
Order no 9845 Gr. XXL
Order no 9846 Gr. XXXL




The KONTRONIK Softshell-Jacket


  • The elastic softshell material with TPU membrane is triple-layered and wind and waterproof (5,000 mm water column) and breathable (2,000 g/m²/24h)
  • Undererarm tear locks can be conveniently opened for additional ventilation    
  • The detachable, lined hood is adjustable, an integrated chin guard provides a comfortable fit in the neck area when closed   
  • The inner lining has a wide-adjustable snow-catcher as well as a thumb slip on the sleeves    
  • 2 zipped side pockets, sleeve pocket, cell phone pocket and inside pocket


  •  800 ml volume
  • diameter 7 cm, perimeter 24 cm, height (with cap) 26 cm
  • single wall bottle
  • only for cold beverages
  • fits with sport cap
  • food-safe, 18/8 stainless steel
  • 100% free of BPA
  • 100% recyclable

Price 109,90€ (incl. 19% VAT)

Price 34,90€ (incl. 19% VAT)

Order no. 9800  Gr. S
Order no. 9801  Gr. M
Order no. 9802  Gr. L
Order no. 9803  Gr. XL
Order no. 9804  Gr XXL
Order no. 98041 Gr. XXXL

Order no. 98401




9 March 2017 - The official KONTRONIK-Facebook page!

KONTRONIK now has an official Facebook page (

We are looking forward to your stories and experiences with our products, your feedback, comments, critics and ideas.

Join us on Facebook!


7 December 2016 - Change of company’s name to SOBEK Drives GmbH and relaunch of the brand KONTRONIK

Many of you may already know that KONTRONIK + SOBEK Drives GmbH is not only active in the RC model sector, but also for a lot of industrial companies. To clarify our structure and position we are going to realise two changes as from 2017-01-01:


1. As from 2017-01-01 we are going to change our company’s name. KONTRONIK + SOBEK Drives GmbH will turn into SOBEK Drives GmbH. Please consider this in our written conversation from then on SOBEK Drives GmbH,Etzwiesenstraße 35/1, 72108 Rottenburg.



2. Although there are still some tough rumors: Despite our activity in industrial sectors, we will not only be loyal towards the RC hobby sector, but even strengthen the brand KONTRONIK. In addition to new products (which you can find below), there will be a relaunch of the brand KONTRONIK:






The design of the brand is modernized by clearer colors and shapes. Merchandising items, packages, our homepage, booth etc. will be “refreshed” stepwise as from 2017-01-01.

7 December 2016 - The new MINIPYRO with KPG-gear

Perfectly adapted to run sailplanes with 6S: the new MINIPYRO with KPG27 gear with a 5,27:1 ratio. The motor is available in two versions (MINIPYRO 400-13 and MINIPYRO 400-15). Some technical details:


Motoren - motors

mit KPG

mit KPG

U/min/V - RPM/V



Wellendurchmesser - shaft diameter [mm]



freie Wellenlänge - free shaft lenght [mm]



Gewicht - weight [g] publiziert



Dauerleistung - continuous power [kW]



max. Drehzal 1/min - max. RPM/min



Polzahl - poles



Windungen - windings



Außendurchmesser Motor - outside diameter [mm]



Länge Motor - motor lenght [mm]



Lochkreis - bolt spacing [mm]



Schrauben - screws

4 x M3

4 x M3

Maximaler Wirkungsgrad - max. efficiency [%]



Bestellnummer - order number



Drahtstärke - wire [ mm]



Leerlaufstrom - no load current



max. Einschraubtiefe - max. screw-in depth [mm]



Ri Innenwiderstand - inner resistance [mΩ]



Getriebeuntersetzung - gear ratio



7 December 2016 - The PYRO 750-50L2 with 55 mm shaft & the PYRO 850-24P Backmount

PYRO 750-50L2 with 55 mm shaft


Especially for the new LOGO 700 and similar helicopters, we launch the PYRO 750-50 with a special shaft. The diameter of the shaft is 6 mm and the length is 55 mm. All other technical details and the price is similar to the other versions of the PYRO 750-50. The order no. is 0277093. The PYRO 750-50L2 is available from now on.


The shaft is also available as a spare part with order no 03833 from now on.




The PYRO 850-24P Backmount


In addition we now launch the PYRO 850-24P as a backmount version. All other technical details and the price are similar to the PYRO 850-24P. The order no. is 0277093. Please find here the drawing:



28 July 2016 - The new PYRO 1000: Endless power!

We proudly present the new PYRO 1000-48L. A 10kW motor, that can be made to sweat by hardly any existing ESC. With his incredible power to weight ratio of 11.5 watts per gram, the PYRO 1000-48L is not only extremely strong, but also very compact and light (870 grams, 63 mm diameter, 80mm length).


So the PYRO 1000 is tailor made for Speed-Helis. But also in large Helis and planes, it is a guarantor for endless power.


Technical data of the PYRO 1000-48L:

  • 10 kW permanent power
  • 480 kV
  • weight 870 g
  • diameter 63 mm
  • length 80mm
  • free shaft length 55mm
  • shaft diameter 8mm
  • inner resistance 5,2mΩ
  • efficiency up to 90%
  • part no. 027805 and 027806


The PYRO 1000 is available from September 2016 on as a PYRO 1000-48L (part no 027806) and a PYRO 1000-40L (part no. 027805, technical data on our homepage). The price is 549,40€ (incl. VAT) each.

28 July 2016 - THE KONTRONIK Spur Gear (KSG) with the PYRO 1000-48L

Of course the PYRO 1000-48L will also be available in combination with our KSG. The extra power of the PYRO 1000-48L further increases the well known advantages of the KSG. This combination is able to airborne towplanes and 100 / 120 scale models without any problems: cleaner, more silent and with less smell than a gas-driven engine.


The KSG is available from September 2016 on in combination with the PYRO 1000-48L and also with the COOL KOSMIK 200 HV in both mounting versions (frontside or backside).


The price will be 1.299 € with the PYRO 1000-48L and 1.999 € with the PYRO 1000-48L and the COOL KOSMIK 200 HV.


The new prices of the KSG in combination with the PYRO 850-50L will be 1.199 € and in addition with the COOL KOSMIK 200 HV 1.899 € (incl. VAT).

28 July 2016 - TelMe MIKADO and TelMe JETI

From August 2016 two new TelMe modules will be available as well: the TelMe MIKADO and the TelMe JETI.


Both modules can be run with telemetry-ready ESCs from KONTRONIK (KOSMIK and JIVE Pro) and appropriate radio controls from MIKADO (V-Bar) and Ex-Bus-prepared radio controls from JETI (DS-14 / -16, DC-14 / -16).


The TelMe modules show various parameters, like


  • rpm
  • battery current and voltage
  • motor current
  • used capacity
  • PWM
  • amplifier temperature
  • BEC voltage, current and temperature


The following alarms are shown:


  • amplifier temperature
  • motor current
  • BEC temperature


Furthermore the TelMe Mikado shows the following limits:


  • min voltage
  • max current (mean and peak)
  • BEC min voltage
  • BEC max temperature
  • amplifier max temperature


The price of the TelMe modules is 89,90 € (incl. VAT) each.


Please make sure to have installed the latest software version on your radio control and ESC. KONTRONIK provides a particular software update on the homepage.

28 July 2016 - Software-Update 4.10 for KOSMIK and 1.10 for JIVE Pro

The new software versions enable to run the TelMe modules Mikado and Jeti and are available from August 2016 on our homepage.



28 July 2016 - Our new team manager USA: Richard Zappe

We are happy to introduce our new team manager USA: Richard Zappe. Richard is a good friend of KONTRONIK for many years and a very skilled and experienced pilot. As our new team manager, he is from now on our contact person for all kinds of questions. He is responsible for our team pilots in the USA and organization of events and competitions.

28 July 2016 - KONTRONIK moves house: our new building

In the middle of 2017 KONTRONIK is going to move house. We are loyal to our location and build a completely new building only several meters away from our current building – production, engineering and administration under one roof with state-of-the-art architecture and technique. The property provides best conditions and expansion capabilities.

26 April 2016 - KONTRONIK selling through Amazon USA

We are happy to inform you, that from now on it is possible to buy KONTRONIK products via Amazon USA.

Especially end customers will benefit from the established and proven Amazon service and very short delivery times. Payment, shipment and returns will be quick and easy via Amazon.

Although Amazon is the logistical partner, customer service and support is still provided by
KONTRONIK. By that, we stay in close contact to our customers.

Please visit and look for KONTRONIK products.

26 April 2016 - Trusted Service Partner for repairs

In addition, we improved our service concept for technical support and repairs in the USA. Our Trusted Service Partner Greg Alderman in the USA is providing local service. In case a repair is possible, it is provided directly from our Service Partner. In case of exchange of a product, it is directly done by him.That provides very short processing, shipment and waiting times for all customers.


The contact information is:


PO Box 5

Oakville, IN 47367


Very complex repairs are still processed in Germany, assuming the customer agrees.

26 April 2016 - Faster shipment for our dealers

Furthermore, we also increase the service level for all our dealers by the beginning of June. Contactfor orders still is KONTRONIK Germany. But we now keep our most important products on stock in the USA and orders can be shipped from there directly to the dealer (depending on ordered products and quantities). Very large orders or products that are ordered very seldom, will still be sent from Germany and the orderer will get an information before. So we are able to provide much faster reaction and shipment times and therefore better customer service.

16 March 2016 - Software update

From now on the software release 4.9 for the KOSMIK and 1.9 for the JIVE Pro is ready for download.


With this software version you can run the KOSMIK and JIVE Pro with the Futaba FX 22, T18MZ, T18MZ-WC and T14SG. Please also update your Futaba software.


In addition, the software version 4.9 enables the KOSMIK to run with HV-Lipos with an end-of-charge voltage of 4.35 V.


The new software can be found at our download section.

29 January 2016 - Launch of new website SOBEK Drives

Our business segment, SOBEK Drives, develops and manufactures cutting edge high-performance electric drive solutions and ECUs for industrial applications. We deliver our products, completely “made in Germany “, in a pragmatic , flexible and efficient manner. For further details please visit our new website

18 December 2015 - Ready for download: our new iOS-versions of K-VIEW-App and K-PROG-App for the Bluetooth Module

You can now download our new iOs-versions of the K-VIEW app and K-PROG app for the Bluetooth Module in the App Store. Of course, the apps are for free.


The Bluetooth Module is the interface between the KONTRONIK ESCs KOSMIK and JIVE Pro and a smartphone. The ESC detects the module automatically. When the Apps K-VIEW and K-PROG are installed on the smartphone, it is possible to configure and communicate with the ESC via

18 December 2015 - TelMe Futaba: Now also working with T14 SG

Futaba integrated the TelMe Futaba now also in their T14 SG. Please be attend, that your transmitter and your ESC have to be updated to the latest software version.

13 November 2015 - The innovation: The KONTRONIK Spur Gear

Together with a PYRO 850-50 the KONTRONIK Spur Gear (KSG) is a real innovation especially for airplanes. It fits perfectly for towplanes and 100 / 120 scale models.


The KSG can be used, where gas engines are forbidden: silent, clean, odorless.


And its performance? Outstanding:

·         static thrust up to 32 kg

·         10 kW peak power

·         5 kW continuous power


The KSG offers multiple possibilities of mounting. Depending on the version, it can be mounted on the front, on the back or the sides. Despite its power, it has a very compact construction (BHT 132 x 108,3 x 135,5 mm when mounted on the back) and light weight (ca. 1.300 resp. 1.500 g motor included).


Further features are a combination of gear wheels materials that are more resistant to wear and special ball bearings. The gear ratio is 4:1.


The KSG is constructed to run in combination with the PYRO 850-50. The sales price for the set of KSG and PYRO 850-50 is 1,299 €; in addition with a COOL KOSMIK 200 HV 1,999 €. The price for the KSG itself is 899 € (all prices incl. V.A.T.). Customers, who already have a PYRO 850-50, can send it to KONTRONIK so that we mount it to the KSG without any further costs. The KSG is not sold without a motor, as mounting is difficult and the KSG is only approved for the PYRO 850-50 so far.


The KSG is available as from December 2015, preorders are possible from now on.

13 November 2015 - The Highlight: COOL KOSMIK 200 HV Limited Gold Edition

New look for our well known COOL KOSMIK 200 HV:


  • refined with 18-karat gold
  • strictly limited to 100 pieces – serial number is engraved on the back side


The COOL KOSMIK 200 HV Limited Gold Edition is available from December 2015. Pre-orders will be  taken from now on. The edition is limited, so it pays to be quick. Thus the race for the ECUs is fair, we have set up an e-mail address:




The decisive factor is the sequence of orders to this address. The selling price for the COOL KOSMIK 200 HV Limited Gold Edition is 1,000 EUR (incl. VAT.).

01 October 2015 - Elimination of BEC-initialization problems of JIVE Pro and KOSMIK; live-cell therapy for KOBY

Requirements to ESCs are constantly increasing – by more powerful servos and motors, harder flying styles etc. For this reason, we gave a live-cell therapy to our ESCs.


Our KOBY is now equipped with more powerful MOSFETs, ELKOs, capacitors and gate resistors.


By optimizing our hardware in our JIVE Pro- and KOMSIK-ESCs we fixed problems of BEC initialization that could have occurred in newer configurations.

11 September 2015 - TelMe Futaba

TelMe Futaba is ready! We say too - at last!. Development time and effort has been much more than expected.. 

The TelMe module is the interface between a KOTRONIK ESC with module port and a Futaba receiver prepared for telemetry. TelMe is recognized automatically by the ESC and the correct data stream is started.

The retail price will be 89,90€ / 109,90$ - but starting 01.01.2016. For all which have already ordered and for all who decide without hesitation the special price of 69,90€ / 86,60$ is available. So be quick.

Generally it's necessary that the transmitter uses FASSTest communication. Futaba has included this already in T18MZ. T14SG and FX-22 will follow in October (announced by Futaba). T18SZ, FX-32 and others are not communicated yet.

Be sure that you update your Futaba  transmitter, ProgUNIT / ProgDISC and ESC to the newest software.

Enjoy your TelMe-Futaba.

17 August 2015 - K-Prog and K-View: Updates available

The new Apps for Android are available in the Googlr Play-Store Store now. They work with the latest updates of KOSMIK 4.6 and JIVE Pro 1.6 and offers new functions. With the K-Prog App the new tab - alarm allows to set the alarm values for TelME . The K-View shows the reached data and where the alarm values are overspend.

14 August 2015 - New motor RPMs available

The PYRO 800-60 (L) (Competition)  is available now. In combination with higher gear ratio it converts its higher RPM in more power. More data here.

The SPIDER-X 15-42 and SPIDER-X 15-50 enlarges the family with a lower RPM type. With 420 kv and 500 kv even bigger propellers can be handled now. More data here.

12 August 2015 - Outstanding succes at IRCHA Speedcup

With the new Henseleit TDS Oliver Jellen won this year's speedcup with 284,87 km/h (177,01 mi/h) in average. Robert Sixt could reach 3rd with very good 268,11 km/h (166,60 mil/h). Both pilots would be faster if they had more preparation time, as the machines has been ready the week before. Last calibration flight has done the evening before.

This competion has shown, which power potential this helicopter together with PYRO 850-50 and CoolKOSMIK 200 HV has. We are courious to see how fast it will go when everything is well balanced. Sadly the TDS was not ready when this year's World Record Event took place - so this time is faster, but unofficial.

03 August 2015 - Updates available

The new software version  4.6 for KOSMIK ESCs and the new software version 1.6 for JIVE Pro ESCs as well as the corsponding new K-Konfig PC program are available for download.