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Version 4.17 (KOSMIK 160/200) with the following changes:


  • Optimization and revision of the Graupner Telemetry protocol
  • Adapted overcurrent warning of the motor current at Graupner


Version 1.2. for COOL KOSMIK 250/300 HV: 


Motor current warning adjusted for Graupner telemetry



Version 4.15 (KOSMIK 160/200)/ Version 1.1 (KOSMIK 300) contains the following updates:


The new software allows the use of the updated Data Explorer for reading the data of the SD card.



Version 4.14 contains the following updates:


  • Measurement of the capacitance has been optimized
  • Mode 7 (Reverse rotation) has been added
  • JETI protocol has been adapted (now also compatible with R-EX, REX and REX-Assist receivers)
  • Futaba protocol adapted (now also compatible with Futaba CGY760R)
  • KONTONIK protocol adapted: CRC-Check adjusted 




Version 4.13 / Bugfix: Graupner HoTT telemetry - Capacity Alarm with connected bluetooth module 



The new version 4.12 offers a KONTRONIK  protocol for telemetry.



With this version 4.10 the TelMe JETI und MIKADO can be used.



With the version 4.9 TelMe Futaba FX 22, T18MZ, T18MZ-WC and T14SG can be used. In addition the software enables the use of HV-LiPos with an end-of-charge voltage up to 4,35 V.



The version 4.8 supports the use of the new TelMe-Futaba.



Version 4.6 has several changes. With the actual K-Konfig program it's possible to adjust the alarm values for Telme. An alarm is now also logged in the error file. The startup time after bailout has been optimized corresponding to the programmed startup  time. With long startup times its much faster now to guarantee save startup after bailout. Der calculation of the used capacity was corrected.  It's necessary to update the K-Konfig program and the ProgDISC as well.



With Version 4.5.1 the problem after writing a Log-file on a Micro SD-Karten and then being not readable is solved.
If your KOSMIK fails to work after the update please follow the steps listed below:
1. Reset your ESC
2. Update your ESC a second time
If your KOSMIK still fails to work you have to send the ESC to us for repair (this repair will be without costs). Please do not forget to attach the
service form (please open in Adobe Reader to complete the form online) to your shipment.



Software update for JIVE Pro (Version 1.14)

  • Mode 7 (Reverse rotation) has been added
  • JETI protocol has been adapted (now also compatible with R-EX, REX and REX -Assist receivers)
  • Futaba Protocol adapted (now also compatible with Futaba CGY760R)
  • KONTRONIK protocol was changed: CRC-Check adjusted




Version 1.13 /Bugfix: Graupner HoTT telemetry - Capacity Alarm with connected bluetooth module



The new Version 1.12 offers an KONTRONIK protocol for telemetry.



With the version 1.10 the TelMe JETI und MIKADO can be used.



With the version 1.9 TelMe Futaba FX 22, T18MZ, T18MZ-WC and T14SG can be used.



Die neue Version 1.8 unterstützt die Verwendung des neuen TelMe-Futaba.



With version 1.6, the alarm parameters of the new K-Config interface are programmable. Additionally, the automatic pre-commutation has been optimized to reduce the extreme current peaks occuring in some engines.  To use the parameters the new K - Config surface is imperative. When using the PROGDISC an update must be carried out for those as well.




Software update for KOLIBRI LV (Version 1.4)


Until now, the KOLIBRI LV-I controllers have output a voltage of 9V until initialisation. This is no problem for all receivers and FBL systems known to us. However, if pilots still use 6V servos, we have found that in the worst case they could be damaged. 


With version V1.4 we have now programmed our software in such a way that the KOLIBRI LV-I controllers no longer start with a voltage peak, but also enter the BEC voltage regulation before initialisation. The BEC voltage set by the user is thus output by the KOLIBRI LV-I controller throughout, even before initialisation.


This means that the minimum BEC voltage now also corresponds to the voltage that actually occurred in flight.


With this software update there are a few special features to consider, therefore the update procedure should be carried out as described below: Attention: In steps 1, 3 and 5 please make sure that the battery voltage is available without interruption, otherwise the bootloader may be damaged and the controller has to be sent to KONTRONIK!


1. Update the firmware, as usual with ProgUNIT or ProgDISC. Setting the parameters is only possible with the ProgUNIT.


2. After the update is complete, disconnect the drive battery and reconnect it.


3. Program mode 1.


4. Disconnect and reconnect the drive battery. Wait until the controller initializes.


5. Press and hold the button until the controller beeps (this can take several seconds). 

    The bootloader update beep is different from the mode programming beep, so it is clearly visible. 


6. disconnect and reconnect the drive battery, the controller initializes and is now ready for custom settings.





Software update for KOLIBRI LV (Version 1.3)



  • Graupner motor current warning has been optimized 
  • Capacitance measurement has been optimized



Live-cell therapy for KOBY





Actual software Version for ProgUNIT. Important: Please do not use the PROGDISC-software for ProgUNIT or vice versa!




With this update the PROGDISC is optimized for the latest generation of our KOBY series.





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PC-Software (Windows ™) for ProgUNIT and PROGDISC


  • K-KONFIG V1.3.1 (compatibility for Windows versions from Windows 7 onwards)
  • Manual  (explains all parameters and its values)