We electrify you.

KONTRONIK is known for high-performance drives in RC model construction. At our location in Rottenburg we develop and produce powerful control electronics (ECUs) and BLDC motors of highest quality - all made in Germany.
In our products we use only the highest quality components and materials. With advanced production plants, careful manual work by our qualified employees and high quality standards, we stand for innovative, high-performance and reliable products.
That’s our way to set standards in quality, performance and technology for more than 20 years now.

The heritage of KONTRONIK is the design of high performance drive components  that are powerful, innovative, and efficient.  Driven by our heritage, we have continued to advance the design of sensorless brushless drive systems.  

With industry leading smooth startup and governor control, KONTRONIK systems are the choice of competition pilots throughout RC modeling. We offer industry leading design and manufacturing, which provides pilots with matched power systems that offer peak performance and efficiency.

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New products in KOLIBRI-series

The product highlights at KOLIBRI 140 HV-I & 90 HV-I:

  • integrated telemetry function
  • telemetry protocols for Futaba, Jeti, Multiplex, Mikado and Graupner
  • reliable high and stable performance
  • reliable protection functions. As always at KONTRONIK
  • ideal control behaviour – the software is based on that of the premium controller KOSMIK 
  • established soft start up
  • diverse mode programming 
  • high-performance BEC up to 10A Continuous current and 
  • 30A Peak current
  • Bluetooth-capable and online updateable

Brand new in the program: Two new superheroes in KOSMIK-series


Superheroes are the KONTRONIK controllers, which are even more powerful with the integrated telemetry function! From now on you can recognize our controllers with telemetry by the abbreviation „HV-I“. So our new KOSMIK 210 HV-I and KOSMIK 170 HV-I.


These will complement the KOSMIK product range from May 2020. Our new additions in detail:


  • 210A or 170A continuous current
  • Powerful BEC with 10A continuous current and 30A peak current
  • Telemetry protocols for Futaba, Jeti, Multiplex, Mikado und Graupner
  • Lightweight: superstrong, even without heat sink

TRADE UP Trade fair campaign

Recycle your old KOSMIK now and get 25% discount on a new COOL KOSMIK 250 HV




ROTOR live is a leading trade fair for KONTRONIK where we meet the users of our products personally. For this year's ROTOR live we have come up with something very special.Within the scope of a trade fair campaign we offer our users to exchange an old KOSMIK controller for a new COOL KOSMIK 250 HV at a special price.


The easy way to more power and integrated telemetry.


PYRO 850-24 P BM Competition

The already existing PYRO 850-24 P BM is now also available in the Competition version. A hand-wound winding with an even thicker copper cross section offers even more power and efficiency at high currents. Of course, an individual engraving is also possible with this Competition version.

The new SPIDER-SL 08-33

We are expanding our motor portfolio for UAV applications.

Especially for use in UAV applications, we present a new motor. The SPIDER-SL 08-33. The new motor is a disc motor, which has the advantage of light weight and high power.


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DuoCool KOSMIK 300 HV and WaterCOOL KOSMIK 300 HV

Based on the COOL KOSMIK 250 HV, we have developed two variants with special cooling concepts. Thanks to these cooling concepts, these regulators crack the 300 A limit with ease.



The DuoCOOL KOSMIK 300 HV has a larger heat sink on which two fans can be mounted. Thus, this controller is best suited for e.g. Scale applications or bigger planes.The WaterCOOL KOSMIK 300 HV has a built-in water cooling system. The cooling water runs through the integrated cooling plate. Inlet and outlet have an outer diameter of 5.5 mm. This makes the controller very well suited for applications in boats.


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We are expanding our controller portfolio for UAV applications.

The KOLIBRI-X 60 LV and the KOLIBRI-X 90 LV complement the KONTROL-X series, which covers the power range from 30 A to 55 A

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New at Youtube


KONTRONIK *Quick Tipps*


The multiple world champion in F3N, Eric Weber shows you how to connect the Bluetooth module with an iOS / Apple device.


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The COOL KOSMIK 250 HV: the new KONTRONIK flagship

With the same seize and weight as the COOL KOSMIK 200 HV, our new COOL KOSMIK 250 HV provides even more power:

  • 250 A continuous current, up to 640 A peak current
  • BEC with 10A continuous current and 30A peak current
  • optimized governor
  • telemetry on board

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16 April 2020 - KOLIBRI 60 LV-I / KOLIBRI 90 LV-I / KOLIBRI 140 LV-I – new software available!


We at KONTRONIK are constantly working on improving our products in order to offer our pilots the best possible equipment for their performance! The new software version V1.4 for our KOLIBRI LV-I series is now available for download. 


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13 March 2020 - Brand new in the program: Two superheroes of the KOSMIK series


The new KOSMIK 210 HV-I and the KOSMIK 170 HV-I, both with integrated telemetry.


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13 March 2020 - New products within the KOLIBRI series


The new KOLIBRI 140 HV-I and the KOLIBRI 90 HV-I. High-end in the HV sector with integrated telemetry.


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23. October 2019 - Software update - KOLIBRI ECU


Software update available for the KOLIBRI family.

Improvements: Motor current warning and capacitance measurement.


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