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JIVE Pro 80+ HV -

The first batch of JIVE 80+HV may have a problem during initialization. Depending on the servos and stabilization system this error occurs very seldom and cannot cause in any problems during flight. If you have this problems which deflects ESC with production code "7P" or serial numbers from 6735 up to 7058 on the package please send the ESC to the listed address below for a free update.

Please send your JIVE Pro 80+ HV to:


- Serviceabteilung -

EtzwiesenstraƟe 35/1

72108 Rottenburg, Germany

Requirement for this handling without any costs is a copy of the invoice/proof of purchase and a completed service form (could be found in the package of the ESC or downloaded from our webpage and at least, the ESC has to be functional.

We apologise for the above mentioned issue.