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News rund um KONTRONIK und Modellbau

Bridge day 05.06.2015 / Availability of technical support service from 25.05. - 06.06.2015

On June, 5th we're only available with a skeleton crew. So no telefon support is available. The KONTRONIK team is back on June, 8th.

During the period from 25.05. to including 06.06.2015 our technical support is not available.

Logging to Micro SD-Cards-

In rare situations it seemed that some SD-Cards had problems when Log-files have been written from our KOSMIK ESCs. Therefore we had released a modificated software version which have been tested with the SD-Cards we are delivering together with the KOSMIK ESCs. If there are still not readable Log-files on your SD-Card we kindly ask you to contact us.

KOSMIK 160 - SW 4.5.1

KOSMIK 200 - SW 4.5.1

Programming service of the spool up time HELI JIVE 120+ HV -

Because of the situation that the PROGDISC is not available anymore and there is no other chance to adjust the spool up time without a PROGDISC, we'll offer the service to do this on each event we're personally present, starting with the ROTOR Live.

Unfortunately we may offer this service due to several reasons only in personal contact with our customers.

If sending the ESC to our factory, we have to return the item without processing and the customer has to bear the return costs.

Change of accessibility via telephone starting 01.03.2015

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

13.00 - 17.00

09.30 - 12.00

13.00 - 15.00

09.30 - 12.00

09.30 - 12.00

MICROPYRO 380-09 and ProgUNIT

KontronikSobek Micropyro380-09 web smallThe product details are now available KontronikSobek ProgUnit 3 web smallon our website too.

MICROPYRO 380-09 (Order # 27012)

ProgUNIT (Order # 9311)

MICROPYRO 380-09 / KOBY 90 LV and KOBY 70 LV -

Due to some rare, controlled slowdowns of the ESC because of too high current peaks (error code 8 flashes) in the drive set combination MICROPYRO 380-09 and KOBY 70 LV / 90 LV we highly recommend to change the timing from auto to fix with a value of 20°. Before changing the timing we like to remind to update your ESC to the latest software version (actual V 1.9, downloadable from our website in the download section under Software).

We revise our website -

We're currently working on the facelift of our website, also in order toKON1 web provide our customers and interested parties of our industrial sector with more information about our specific industrial products.