We electrify you.

KONTRONIK is known for high-performance drives in RC model construction. At our location in Rottenburg we develop and produce powerful control electronics (ECUs) and BLDC motors of highest quality - all made in Germany.
In our products we use only the highest quality components and materials. With advanced production plants, careful manual work by our qualified employees and high quality standards, we stand for innovative, high-performance and reliable products.
That’s our way to set standards in quality, performance and technology for more than 20 years now.

The heritage of KONTRONIK is the design of high performance drive components  that are powerful, innovative, and efficient.  Driven by our heritage, we have continued to advance the design of sensorless brushless drive systems.  

With industry leading smooth startup and governor control, KONTRONIK systems are the choice of competition pilots throughout RC modeling. We offer industry leading design and manufacturing, which provides pilots with matched power systems that offer peak performance and efficiency.

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2. Powercroco Speedchallenge

We congratulate our two teampilots Holger Giersiepen and Robert Sixt to their great result of the speed weekend in Ballenstedt. Both occupied 1st place in the category "helicopter". Their helicopters are equipped with a PYRO 850 Competition and a COOL KOSMIK 200.



The PYRO 1000 in action




Thomas Schmidt and Christian Hidde managed with the PYRO 1000 what no one has ever done. They flew incredible 570 km/h with the TYPHOON XS Hotliner in the context of the 2nd Powercroco Speed ​​Challenge 2017 and were thus able to record the fastest ever-measured flight.  


Pilots: Thomas Schmidt and Christian Hidde

Model: TYPHOON XS Hotliner

Motor: PYRO 1000

Speed: 570 km/h

The new MINIPYRO with KPG gear

Perfectly adapted to run sailplanes with 6S: the new MINIPYRO with KPG27 gear with a 5,27:1 ratio. The motor is available in two versions (MINIPYRO 400-13 and MINIPYRO 400-15). 

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The PYRO 750-50L2 with 55 mm shaft

Especially for the new LOGO 700 and similar helicopters, we launch the PYRO 750-50 with a special shaft. The diameter of the shaft is 6 mm and the length is 55 mm. All other technical details and the price is similar to the other versions of the PYRO 750-50. The order no. is 0277093. The PYRO 750-50L2 is available from now on.


The shaft is also available as a spare part with order no 03833 from now on.


9 March 2017 - Preview: KOLIBRI – the new LV-ESC by KONTRONIK

In summer 2017 KONTRONIK is planning to launch their new LV-ESC: the KOLIBRI. The KOLIBRI will be available in 3 versions.


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9 March 2017 - Our new merchandising products

At the beginning of this year we had a relaunch of the KONTRONIK brand. Now our new merchandising products like Shirts, Jackets etc. are available.


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9 March 2017 - The official KONTRONIK-Facebook page

KONTRONIK now has an official Facebook-side. Join us on Facebook!



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